List of Billing Rates


All rates are GST inclusive

Bookkeeping Fees (includes BAS Lodgment’s, Payroll and Superannuation)


Bookkeeping at iBAS’s Office                                                                                                                           $77 per hour

Bookkeeping at Client’s Premises                                                                                                                   $88 per hour

Bookkeeping Reviews - Bank Reconciliations & BAS                                                                                $110 per hour

(Note: minimum 1 hr charged on call outs)


Taxation  Fees


Individual PAYG employees  (2017 introductory special)                                                                        $220 flat fee

Individual returns with rental properties/shares/log books                                                                  $220 per hour

Sole Trader & Company Returns                                                                                                                      $220 per hour

(Note: bookkeeping rates will be charged in conjunction with taxation rates, not all work is completed at this rate)

Accounting Software  &  Setup


New File Setup & Customizations’                                                                                                                  $165 per hour

Software Consulting                                                                                                                                           $165 per hour

Software Training                                                                                                                                                $220 per hour


Financial Reporting Fees


Business Consulting & Reviews                                                                                                                       $165 per hour

Management/Financial/Cash Flow Reporting                                                                                            $165 per hour

Business Template Designs                                                                                                                               $165 per hour

ATO Correspondences                                                                                                                                         $165 per hour


Business Partnering


Initial Business Consulting & Reviews                                                                                                          $220 per hour

(Note: Each business partnering package is tailor made to suit your business and charged on an agreed quarterly basis)

New Business Setup


Initial Business Consulting & Reviews                                                                                                           $220 per hour

(Note: each new business setup is tailor made to suit your business and charged on an agreed quarterly basis)

Call Out Rates


The fee for a call-out to your premises will be negotiated with you dependent on your location.

Basic call out for North-Eastern suburbs is a $50 flat fee

Sporting Clubs


The fees for our services are listed on the iBAS Sports page