Priscilla Ashworth - Founding Partner

A little about Cilla by Cilla 

I have to admit I was born an accountant nerd.

On my first home computer in my teens I would practice using the number keypad on

the keyboard by grabbing packets and tins of food out of the pantry. Once I had my

stash of items I would punch the numbers of the bar-code into the computer practicing

so I could type the numbers without looking at the keyboard.


Yes... that was my spare time hanging around the house 

After excelling in accounting at high school there was only one path for me, an Accounting Degree. Looking back my favourite memories of those classroom days was helping my fellow students grasp the accounting jargon our teacher had just taught, which I understood but seemed to go over their heads. That's what I am about, giving you the ‘accounting talk’ in terms you can relate to and understand. 

At University I completed a Bachelor of Business Studies with a double degree in Accounting and Banking & Finance. Upon completion, I entered the corporate world where I worked mainly as a Financial Accountant. 

My first role was as a Tax Agent where I worked for the person who would become my lifelong mentor Oscar. From there I moved to a big corporate company in the CBD where I was hired and trained by and extremely smart lady who taught me so much and I respect highly as a fellow accountant nerd  ...that's right, it was Jen!

I started studying the CPA program straight out of Uni. In 2005, I was awarded my CPA Certificate. 

I loved accounting but I didn't like just crunching numbers without the interaction of the person I was crunching for. I quickly realised that my passion lay with smaller businesses where my knowledge and understanding of the accounting world could make tangible, positive changes to real people and their livelihoods.

In June 2004, I took the first step towards my goal and started up my own bookkeeping business. I could finally help the small business owner navigate their way through their business reporting and obligations. 

In those early days I was not only busy setting up and running a business that I found highly fulfilling I was also busy building my family with the arrival of my beautiful daughter.  Those early days where tough and sometimes very lonely. Even with all my training I had more than a few evenings wondering what on earth I was doing…a simple 9-5 existence working for somebody else at times seemed a whole lot easier.

But those times never outweighed the joy I got from working with my clients or the benefits I got from being my own boss. And now my daughter is older and iBAS is growing into what I envisaged it being when I first took that step into the business world…An all-encompassing business and accounting practice.

In 2016, I became a CPA Public Practice Accountant, a Tax Practitioners Board Registered Tax Agent, a Registered ASIC representative, Xero certified consultant and a MYOB Bookkeeping Partner. 

In early 2017 three very great things happened for iBAS. 

  • Jen returned from PNG and after years of us ‘talking’ about working together again we decided the time was perfect for us to join our complementing skill bases and experiences together.  

  • iBAS became a partnership and was rebranded to iBAS intelligent Business (previously Bookkeeping) & Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd

  • iBAS moved from a home-based business to working within the offices of fellow Tax Agents Walker Partners (Yes, Oscar my mentor appears again) located in Heidelberg. 

After much hard work and many sacrifices iBAS has matured and developed into a full business advisory & accounting practice.  I am now living my dream and I am looking forward to helping you do the same as your business partner.  

Direct Contact Details:

Mobile:  0403 115 038


Jennifer Pallas -  Partner
A little about Jen by Jen


Well, I have to say I did not spend my teen years practicing my numbers using bar codes

from food in my mother’s pantry.  Who does that!?!?

But I did do rather well at accounting in high school which lead me to complete a

Bachelor of Business studies with a Degree in Accounting at the Royal Melbourne Institute

of Technology.  Unlike Cilla I knew very early on that although I liked the logic and

structure of financial accounting I needed more than just the numbers to keep me satisfied.


After completing my degree, I ventured to Queensland with Duesburys (Deloitte Touché) as a Graduate Accountant, then I spent a number of years working in London’s private equity industry where I established that, like Cilla, I was more interested in working in small businesses where I could focus on setting up strong internal systems, budgeting, and providing solid management accounting information to help guide the business.  I was at my happiest when I was in charge of making sure the business ran smoothly whilst the owners got down to actually making the money.

While in London I completed the CPA program and received my CPA Australia Certificate in 2007.

After eight years in London I moved back to Australia to start my family, however it was not long before my husband and I were given the opportunity to live and work together in Papua New Guinea.  My husband was to become the CFO for the largest cocoa exporter in the country and I was to work with him as a Senior Accountant focusing on system’s setup and training and development. 

Never one to shy away from adventure, we packed up our two small children and took on the most challenging roles either of us have faced to date!

Living and working in a developing country where the level of education is so far below Australian standards showed me just how important training and development is.  Training and development can change people’s lives and it is inspiring to see somebody with a low skill level thrive to become a driving force within a team.  Training is not just about providing the right skills, it is about building a learning culture within a business. It’s about providing a safe environment and a support network that helps to build not only great people but great teams and rewarding opportunities. 

After four amazing years In PNG I left knowing that I had changed my team’s life with what really is the simplest of things…my time and knowledge ….So, how do you follow up an experience like that? 

You follow it up by continuing to do what you love with people that inspire you. Cilla has always and will always be an inspiration, and after a challenge like PNG I could not think of anybody I would rather work alongside building a business doing what we love.

Exactly what is it we love?  We love getting in and getting to really know and understand our client’s business, we love working with the owners to make their business the most successful it can be.

We will work with you to help determine exactly what it is you and your business need.  Do you need something as simple as the data entry being taken off your hands, do you need a data entry clerk to be trained up and taken to the next level, do you need systems and processes refined and documented, do you need management accounts?  Business planning and strategy sessions?  Each client is different and challenging and each client gives us the opportunity to work with them to build another successful business. 

At iBAS we go from the very basics of bookkeeping right up to complete business partnering.  Helping each business owner with their unique set of business needs is what drives us and we look forward to discussing the best options for you and your business.

Direct Contact Details:

Mobile:  0402 908 814